Day after day
Like there was no yesterday
And tomorrow never came
Hate has already annexed me
And slowly assimilates me to itself
But now the flood has come to drag me to hell
The demons' choir strikes up
I wake up
I'm paddling in the placenta
I'm resurrected
Out of primordial depths to destroy the world
The revenge has come from beneath the sea
I spit my rage into every open grave without mourning or condolence
Is Satan my God?
I pray my hate away
As I lay in limbo I wait for the new winds to blow it far away
So distant that it lets me sever the memories
This is my never ending toss in this futuristic reality between life and death
Just like a nightmare but I'm gonna rot here and never disappear
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Rest In Pieces Lyrics

Slaughter At The Engagement Party – Rest In Pieces Lyrics

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