The lights on the street illuminate the night and I'm all alone.
I wander these paths and think of what I've done to myself.

I let my mind wander to a time when we were ok.
And I think of the words you said to make me feel this way.

You've already gone and started over without me.
You don't understand what it's like to feel this way and you've just moved

(On and On and On) You've just moved on.
(On and On and On) And I'm just to late.

This isn't the way I hoped it would be, can we just try to be happy?
I'm trying to say I just wish we could start this over again.
I know I'm too late and I will live with my regret forever.
Just tell me the words to say, I promise to see this through.
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Moved On Lyrics

Skyliners – Moved On Lyrics