Staring out at the old man
Watching the trains go by
Well, he lives his life on promises
But I'm afraid the promise is all he's got
You know life's too short to never take
But if you stand aside it'll pass you by

He's from some place they call America
But he's nothing more than a dead man walking around
He's from some place they call America
Yeah, America

Ever since he was a boy
He had dreams
Dreams the size of God and he was
Making plans
Building buildings
He was gonna have the world in his pocket
The Brooklyn bridge in his hands
He looks outside his window
And see's his past
Comin' down
On him
For the rest of his life he will see us kicking him down
Too old to start again, my friend


Takin' me down
Takin' the old man down
Takin' me down
Taking many lives over, over America

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America Lyrics

Sky – America Lyrics

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