No stars in the Sky,
Sun many times bigger
Than earth it resembles
The Shadows converge
In many different ways
As on a big stage

A Rock marked "C"
As it was a stage prop
Cam crosshairs behind things
Aldrin can't succeded
To land with the lunar module
Fifty per fifty chance
To die on descent

The lunar module
Was too tight to operate
Inside with that space suits
They took thousand of photos
In six missions to the moon
As they had no other work
To do, just went to shoot

Us flag swayed on the moon
But in the moon there's no air
How this is possible?
Astronauts jumped and moved
Like they were being shoot
At low speed footage

Fake moon landings
So they made us fools
Fake moon landings
Why we didn't go back
Fake moon Landings
Just went in black projects
Fake moon Landings
When will they tell the truth
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Fake Moon Landing Lyrics

Skull And Bones – Fake Moon Landing Lyrics