What a time we had on Friday night
What a bird you went with, what a sight
And you made excuses for her face

With the usual drinks on the Friday night
Gotta get a girl cause time is tight
But the world looks different today

Friday, pay day, good night, I'll say
Friday, a good night
Friday, is all right

Wake up on a Saturday, wonder what's your fate
Gotta face the trial from your mates
[?] you didn't really care

Said you'd see her again, what have you done
When you see her face you just want to run
Reckon you're on fruit juice from now on

(Repeat Chorus)

Chorus 2:
Friday, Friday night now
Friday, Friday night now
Friday, Friday night now
Friday, Friday night now!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus 2)

Goin' out on Friday, pickin' up your raise
Gonna hit the pub, you've had a real hard day
Forgotten what you did last week

Get into the pub order up a drink
Feeling better now you get a second one
Action replays on the [?]

(Repeat Chorus)
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Friday Night Lyrics

Skrewdriver – Friday Night Lyrics

Songwriters: BILLY FALCON

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