And I try I try so hard to do what is right
And yet I slip away I fall on my face again
Coping again with my sin again
Oh what life has brought unto me
And all that comes so uneasily
I don't know your ways or acknowledge your plans
Yet still You will heal me and use my wretched self
Take me Lord and do your will
Calm me make me still
Have Your way with my life
Most of all make me give into You

One, two, three men on a cross
One man in the middle made up for my lost soul
With a hole deep wihtin my heart
Changed me from within from the very start
'Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me'
This isn't what I was before
This person that you see
Not my will Lord but Your's
And change me from within
I'm seeking Your counsel as my tears touch my feet
My hopes and my fears unsatisfied desires
Please take them away
Do Your will
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Wretch Lyrics

Skratchline – Wretch Lyrics