As were looking at the clock we see the time is getting rougher
Some of the people in my town Even dem nor no food
Dem ah talk bout dem ruff, but dem ah stinking scruff
With there words demmer slander other people in the hood
And Dem ah try dem best Fe get right in ah dem mind
But dem can't get right because dem spiritually blind
Dem Refuse to get right an renew dem sight
Come again start afresh born again rewind
Pam Pam
We have to hit the target
Repeat 8 times
Pure education ah wa de people dem need
Dem ah talk bout love but ah plant the dark seed
Positive minded people are not a dieing breed
We ah Fe Revoke the wicked outer ya dem Fe speed
Open your ears dem ya words you Fe heed
Remember the blood that was she'd for all creeds
Keep your eye on the sights pull the trigger shots we feed
You can't dodge dem ya bullets they will make your heart bleed
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The Target Lyrics

Skindred – The Target Lyrics