I said I'm second days staring at the clock on wall
I'm thinking my... You... If you will call
And girl I'm feed up for your love more every day
Thinking how I knew I did my baby let get away
And I knew it was wrong shawty I admit it
But the crazy things that I do... Now probably shouldn't did it
And even though is over I... Forget it
And I hope that you forgive me girl and can listening

Why don't singing this song
Why... This song
It's know that I...
Girl I'm lost without your love
And... For your...
I juts wanna tell you right now

I wanna be with you forever older
That I wanna be with you forever yeah
I wanna be with you forever ever ever and a day
Be with you forever ever ever and a day

... Try to tell me that I need to chill
And made that serious for...
Girl I know the deal and this is what it is
Thought I'd losing you and got me delirious
Tryin find hard to forget the situation
'Cause I'm the reason why I seen this pain that I've been facing
And I know that ain't the truth for that I can't deny
I swear that this is killing me
Girl I can't just let out love die
Baby you're my heart and I swear that... Angel
Send me by God and shawty you are special
Got to shoot the star so I'ma make a wish
Nothing tear us apart if I go back in time
Girl you rearrange the letters I'ma put you next to I
And tryin to make you... Believe me
In the... Girl that you go girl
Something I want to...

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Forever And A Day Lyrics

Six Nine – Forever And A Day Lyrics

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