Surrounded by darkness
The unholy house deceit
Keeper of the pylons
With dimensions to sinister worlds
Malicious labyrinth
Harbour of the unholy altar
Beholder of the ritual
Keeper of my spiritual destiny
Tribulation - desecration
Immolation - my salvation
This bottomless pit
Gate to the eternal bounds of darkness
Prodigal light where demons lodge
Emptiness filled with sadistic lust
Vindictive crypts - chasm of agony
Smell of burning skin fills the air
Mortals burning at the cross
My ritual has begun
Eating out the innards
Crushing genitals on the altar
Disemboweled cauterized
Decapitated bodies
Tribulation - desecration
Immolation - my salvation
The altar surrounded by lust
Pleasant violent carnage right
Craving for infernal crypts
Give credit to evil
Disposed of my mortal skin
My spirit re-unites with eternal darkness
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Spiritual Immolation Lyrics

Sinister – Spiritual Immolation Lyrics