Yellow and black
Eyes like the sky
Fallen angel
Perfect in every way
Break it open
I slip away
We fuck on the floor
Beautiful high
I'll never walk away
Break it open
Break me open now
She sees through my imperfections
A million miles apart and counting
Everybody's got their opinions
About me and my decisions
I know what you wanted me for
Could I pretend you need me?
Help me oz I'm trying so hard
I'm just so insecure
Break me open
Break it open
I want it
All alone and I'm sure
Shade my lie inside of her
I disguise she purifies my
Mistake one more time
Close my eyes follow her
Thin blank lines I've lost the words
She makes me feel like I should
I'm all right
Break it open
Break me open now
This is my only life
I will not live your lie

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El Ess Lyrics

Simon Says – El Ess Lyrics