Every morning I wake up late
Out of love to a day of hate
I see the picture of you on my wall
The one face that means nothing at all
I think of days when I used to be strong
Those days before everything went wrong
Try to be someone I never knew
I told a lie and the lie just grew
You found me out and you put me to shame
You said you'd never trust me ever again
I think of days when I used to be wise
Seems like only yesterday I was only a child

Some say it's funny but I don't understand
The way I feel is often underhand
I've got nothing to hide from my lovers and friends
I try to let them know this could be the end
They say everybody's Jesus in the American Dream
The American Dream

In this house
A thousand lost souls
I'll wait for you
Watch the cards unfold
The air is breathing
The light is warm
I can wait forever
But forever, forever is oh so long
Oh, oh...
Oh, oh...
Oh, oh...

[Repeat Chorus x3]
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American Dream Lyrics

Simon F. – American Dream Lyrics

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