you won't find me here
the place that you expected me to be
in my bed on the 2nd floor
I'm outside your house
I'm closing in on you
and all the times you smiled
you said hello and thought i was ok
i was planning your final struggle

but when you wake up ill be there
when you see me you'll be on your back again
when you, when you, when you, when you
know your already dead
you'll love me too

you will find me here
the place you least expected me to be
breaking through your basement window
I'm outside your house
i can hear you breathe
and all the times you laughed
you shook my hand and thought i was your friend
i was planning your tragic ending


you look down on me, with eyes of endless tragedy
try and stop the pain
but there's never closure
find your soul and see what you could have

with your love for me
your addictions buried deep
from your find a way into the darkness

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Already Dead Lyrics

Silverstein – Already Dead Lyrics

Songwriters: Joshua Bradford, Neil Boshart, Paul Koehler, Shane Told, William Hamilton
Already Dead lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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