What is that smell, some young flesh?
So pure & innocent, sweet & fresh.
To satisfy my hunger, I must taste some,
Make them lick my choda, eat my c**.
Pound them until this night is over.
Again, again, I still have boner.
Be my slave, woman, share your cave.
Tomorrow you will thank off what I gave.

With my staff I lead you,
Like a messiah, to a land new.
I gather my sheep and herd them,
Treat 'em bad and condemn to hell. (x2)

Stop the nagging, prepare for gagging.
Your throat is mine, fucking to the spine.
Blow my dick until you are sick.
Suck, don't stop, woman, you useless bitch.
I will shag & bag, I will crack your back.
I will reach so deep, you will start to weep.
I will penetrate, until you will break.
I will shoot my seed, until you will bleed.

Promises to be all yours, a slave for thee,
To take it to the base, all the twenty-three
Centimeters of it, into her beaver,
"I obey your every order", or so she says.

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The Shepherd Of Sin Lyrics

Siknis – The Shepherd Of Sin Lyrics

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