Patienly the white moon waits
And the day starts to fade
Hey dolls & clowns the night comes down
To see your iced smile
That will fuse at dawn

Watching how the people crawl
Through the night’s dusty road
Their hungry souls just can’t wait
Feed it with music
Before it is too late

Come on honey, let’s go out
But first, where’s “Black and Blue”?
I wanna hear it loud!!!

Please, please turn it up
Electric smiles slide through my veins
When I hear this song

It’s Friday night
A fleeting time
But endless summer in my mind

Walkin’ like a (beatnick cat
Bird & Dizz howl in my head
I let them guide my Be bop steps
Below the street lights
A rhythm steals my legs

Sly Stone’s shaking this place
And all the girls move their hips
When Larry plays the bass

There’s a shine between the clouds
When you hear “There’s a light...
...that never goes out
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Turn It Up Lyrics

Sidonie – Turn It Up Lyrics