There's a piggy waitin' outside my door
Who's a knockin' and a yellin' that he's gonna use force
Well, I moved to town just a while ago
But I got in a mess, and I can't lay low

Back home all I had was my guitar
Livin' in the backwoods on Daddy's farm
Sittin' on the front porch 'til the evenin' come
Livin' in the backwoods on Daddy's farm

Well, my old girl was a Cadillac
She was long and sleek and dressed in black
But I caught her cruisin' with another dude
So I shot 'em down with my blue .22

Repeat Chorus

But now they got me runnin' and they got me to my home
But I won't go, I won't go!
Chitty-chitty bang-bang, and I hit the floor
Two little piggies bust down my door
The first little piggy went down
The second little piggy started poppin' off rounds
I make a break for the parking lot
I heard some people talkin' how somebody got shot
They're never gonna see it my way
So I break for the truck and headed out on the highway
I must have got it up to 108
Before three little piggies headed me off the interstate
It's gettin' hot, I'm gettin' hot
I don't know where to go, I don't know what I got

Repeat Chorus
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Daddy's Farm Lyrics

Shooter Jennings – Daddy's Farm Lyrics

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