Integrity seems really hard to hold on to when integrity can be bought and sold
If you can't live up to your won set of values, why bother?
Stop trying making up excuses, it's obvious you're willing to sell yourself out,
Why even speak of politically awareness when the only policy is you
Can't start a fire as long as the consequences won't outgrow the level of giving it a serious thought, oh no, imagine!
This is your policy of me
Only suited up till here
A policy of me
Only valid now and here
Tell me, tell me
Wait, nevermind your story, I bet it will fit into your pathetic little world, you've justified it all haven't you?
Kids shouldn't be playing with what they don't know how to handle, leave your policy at home, so it's there where I can burn it down
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The Kid's Shouldn't Be Playing With Fire Lyrics

Shikari – The Kid's Shouldn't Be Playing With Fire Lyrics