i recognized this drive inside
cause all my life keep me alive
to push myself to work and strife
to create a better life

when all the world just seems unkind
when all the world has lost its mind
makes me want rise and shine
makes me wanna....wanna find

true north my core my dream
of what life's mean to me
and all that i can be so i can feel that i succeded
true north i look inside
no one tells me wrong or right
all direction in my life so i can satisfy
each one of us born cause there a gap to fill
we fullfill it....

it's not easy i know it's true
discriminating shit verse true
group thinking makes fool of me and you
but now we can just plow on throught
cause we're not a club or scene or shelf
but bloomin individual each with need and dream
and talents and goals
so seat it back and watch it unfold
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True North Lyrics

Shelter – True North Lyrics