She looked for perfection in an imperfect world
Cause she needed perfection where his hatred was curled
And she tried to remember how heaven had felt
Cause she new that she had been there before these cards were dealt

(Chorus) And he's just a skeleton, no doubt in his eyes
And she is an angel no one denies
So she turned and she left him to turn night into day
But he grabbed hold of anything just to make her stay

She searched for the lesson that would teach her the skills
To fill her hole with herself not Valium pills
But it's hard to find sisters not poisoned with doubt
Its hard to find sisters who still know what faith's all about

Just to make her stay (bis 4)
She came to the table to play a new game
But she is still holding the same cards
But she won't feel your shame
Cause there is nothing outside her to gain or receive
There's nothing to fuel her along till herself she believes in

He, she
So she had to turn and leave him, anything
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Perfection Lyrics

Sheila Nicholls – Perfection Lyrics

Songwriters: NICHOLLS
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