Why did this have to happen? There's no reason for this.
Just think of all those lives that we are forced to miss.
There is no way to bottle this up inside.
But there isn't anywhere for all this sorrow to hide.

As I wonder through this pain day after day,
Those people lost their lives so innocently,
They had no idea what was coming around the bend,
But I guess it didn't matter when it came down to the end.

[Verse 2:]
Life will always go on, but not the same way,
I don't think we'll ever move past, who was to blame.
Corruption in this country isn't something that's new,
And now there's no where to go, who'm I supposed to turn to?
That day won't be forgotten for as long as I'm alive,
All I can ask myself is, "From where does this derive?
I don't know what to say, words just can't describe,
There was no reason that all those people had to die.

So why, are we burdened with this?
There was no reason that,
Those people had to die

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September 11 Lyrics

ShattereD – September 11 Lyrics

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