Oh, when we stood
When we stood tall
It’s our month to conquer them all
We turned the tables, oh
They placed bricks in the wall

And all we’d got,
We’d got so far
Back from the times in the start
When I was your savior,
And you were the ground ‘neath my feet

Right then, the
Winter came creeping on sit old
Or not, darn dreams
So I grabbed the keys
And we drove straight down to the sea

Oh, and it took
It took so long
To learn all the words with their songs
And soon all the smiles we had earned
Were traded for frowns

Well, on the way
The way back to shore
You’d spend your days keeping score
And I found a letter
That you’d left before you were gone

And it said to me,
The seasons have nothing to do
With our lonesome feelings
And then I could see
The cold, crooked winterless me

Once I was wrong
Once I was free
Once I was ruined, you and me
I’m just a sailor
And you’re just the salt in the sea.
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Salt In The Sea Lyrics

Shantanu Pandit – Salt In The Sea Lyrics