Don't be mad

Don't be mad at me
I ain't tryin' to have your man
He be watchin' me
You're just jealous 'cause you can't
Make him turn away
But I can't help it
I'm just doin' my thing, doin' my thing

Your man tells you he's so in love
Swear you the only one
Just can't get enough of your lovin'
But he's pagin' me
You too blind to see
Now you roll your eyes at me 'cause I stay on his mind


Your man is livin' a fantasy
Thinkin' he can get with me
And you just can't believe I don't want him, no, no
But I could not pursue
Somethin' that belongs to you
So if you want to play the fool
Girl, that's you, I don't mind

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

He said with you is where he wants to stay
But to me, he says the very same thing
Don't be mad, I don't want him anyway
I'm doin' my thing, just doin' my thang

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Doin' My Thang Lyrics

Shanice – Doin' My Thang Lyrics

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