As the mightiest oak
Your passion wings carry me
Thy roots devour the ground
As earthquakes shakes the world
I rejoice in sacrilege
In thine soul I feel myself
In thee eye I see thy shrouded wings
As midnight goest to morning
You shine so bright so fierce
I daren't go below this shakened ground
With wine and blood in chalice I greet
Thy wings shrouded in mystery
As the greatest eagle
Your wings carry me far beyond
This mountains of silverclouds
Seek now my child to break through this veil
Love so pure, will so strong
Our passion on fire is lit
Through illusion I fell
Careless where it led me
I rejoice in silence
In a thousand words you tell me naught
In silence I awaits anything
Under your shrouded wings
As this night goes from midnight to morning.
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Thy Shrouded Wings Lyrics

Shadowseeds – Thy Shrouded Wings Lyrics