Sea Of Forgetfulness - Seven Day Jesus

Close my eyes, not to remember
Every crime or time I fell
Into the open arms of temptation
Driving the nails
How does Your love remain so faithful?
To one unfaithful

Where do You hide the tears
You should be crying when
I've fallen again and
Where do You hide the tears
That fell in the day when I turned You away
You throw them away - the sea of forgetfulness

Draw my heart out of the darkness
Where I was hiding from Your face
Into the open arms of forgiveness
Offering grace
Into the place where there's no memory
Left to press against me

(Chorus) 2X (2nd time, drop "the sea of forgetfulness")


Stumble or fall, You cover them all
Nothing to hold, You let them go
Your love takes me in and covers within
To welcome the child You know I am


(Chorus) 2X

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Sea Of Forgetfulness Lyrics

Seven Day Jesus – Sea Of Forgetfulness Lyrics