Please remember! This translation is my personal work. It is sometimes difficult to translate word for word from spanish to english, so it may sound awkward in one languange when it is perfectly
Ral in the other. But I think you can get the general idea!

This heart, that still loves you
Is already dying, afternoon after afternoon
Dying like the light of day
I can't go on anymore, I really need you
Come back to me, soul of my soul*
My life* (mi vida)

Wherever are you,
Wherever are you?
Kill me heaven, swallow me earth
I want to die
If he doesn't come back

Soon you'll be able to have
The whole world
In your hands
All the blessings
And another love
Better than mine
But you'll soon see
That everything ends
And upon seeing you alone
The way I feel today
It's always cold

*These are terms of affection in spanish that do not translate
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Siempre Hace Frio Lyrics

Selena – Siempre Hace Frio Lyrics

Songwriters: Alberto Aguilera Valadez
Siempre Hace Frio lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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