I must be the president, I-I must be the president
I-I-I must be the president, I must be the president
Spiritual is evident the lyrical is heaven sent
And since I ain't the king of this but I must be the president

[Verse 1 - Selah The Corner]
All hail the Chief that ain't never me though
All hail the King shout out to my hero
But I must be the president devil gotta see though
That I still make bread around the beef like a burrito
Motion of commotion something he could never veto
Cause Corner stay bugging for the blood like a misquote
And it ain't even me though
Cause God put the mic ahead of me like Tito
And He granting all my wishes
And my dreams'll never stink like where I put my dirty dishes and
Get all of my sin is out there sleeping with the fishes
I be thinking 'bout the armor whenever the serpent hisses
I don't pay attention whenever somebody disses
I be thinking 'bout the Father whenever a Judas kisses and
Yeah I realize He is the reason I am relevant
So no I ain't the king in this but (I must be the president)


[Verse 2 - Selah The Corner]
Shout out to the phony's
Say you going ham but all I see is baloney
Covered by the real so I ain't never lonely
If I'm dolo I'm Coolio rolling with the homies
God given chemistry homie check the ph
Hood show me love Y. O. Will never erase
Cause I ain't got a deal but the lyrical is real
Couple hits and I ain't never played a field like a D. H. (click click on 'em)
But that's only cause I got my God
Pharaoh see that I got my rod and yeah they deep but I got my squad
I'm seeing the revolution
I'm a stand behind the bars like the mic is the prosecution
Cause I'm tired of these rappers and lyrical prostitution
My lyrical contribution to the adversary confusion
Got the Corner introducing the movement really so evident
So I ain't the king of this but (I must be the president)
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El Presidenté Lyrics

Selah The Corner – El Presidenté Lyrics

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