Walking out from this place, pondering the path.
The sky is still early dusk, leaving twilight colors on the clouds.
The child next door has sung the same song three times.
Couldn't remember the last words, keep on repeating the last phrase.

I didn't need a beginning or an ending, your eyes murmured to me.
What memory do I need to search in order to reach into my heart?
The too long days you speak of are like a one night dream,
Not able to believe it will end. The time to awake is still far away.

Don't erase a thousand and nights, we still can't depart from here.

The silent Scherezade that can't move anyones feelings.
No matter how many nights have passed, she can; t even speak of one love
Disapeared are the bed time stories that didn't provide warmth.

I wanted to at least remember your kind words.

Don't erase a thousand nights, as you standing upon a lonely path.

I wanted to at least remember those kind words.
The thousand nights that disappeared in one night...
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A Thosand And One Nights Lyrics

See-Saw – A Thosand And One Nights Lyrics