She'll go with someone else, I'll be asleep by then
If it's all the same to you, I would rather go home with my girlfriend
It's not a lesson I learned, it's just the way I was raised
I learned a different thing when I was seventeen

She said, "Love, love will be so mean"
What did she mean?
No, no, love is not always right
But it's right tonight

You said see her in the backyard
Sitting on a white long chair, tanning there
I had truth or maybe truth had me
But it was way too much, way too much

Cat on a leash, at twenty one
Too young to get a job and way too old to have fun
Well alright, let's go out tonight
Friend before lover, that's what they say

Well, maybe we been in love since 2003, well alright
Let's go out tonight, no
Let's stay home tonight
No no, love is not always right but it's right tonight
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Love Can Be So Mean Lyrics

Sebastien Grainger – Love Can Be So Mean Lyrics