Please give me back my life if you plan to let this die
I said I don't mind when I do
''cause I'd do anything for you
I'd watch us waste away if you smile
And if we lose it all in style
We had style
But I'm not happy where we are
Let me blame it on the stars, the words, the room
Love is stronger than the truth
Another year in paradise, but something's wrong
Do your best to play along
''cause I won't make you tell me why
''cause I don't take my own advice
If I'm here to save your life, let me try
Love is stronger than the truth
I have everything to lose if you leave me
And truth won't ever set us free
Oh, we're magic spiked with lies
We may never realize what we've been through
''cause love is stronger than the truth
Love is stronger than the truth
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Love Is Stronger Lyrics

Sebadoh – Love Is Stronger Lyrics

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