The flashlight shot right through your flickering heart
People's movements round you fall apart
Cackle out an ooze of sweat and laughter
Spin faster

Learn your eyes' distress from quietening gazes
Find your swift ignition flare amazement
A gutter ballroom to your feet
Like raw meat

They move slowly - how they bore me, live so slowly

Phosphor drowns in cigarettes breathless smoke
The prince of tuesday nights he spoils his joke
Tickle fancies till they scream in rapture

I could never share your world
suddenly it's too absurd
Sometimes even dance can limp
sometimes your diction's stumbleing
Your footsteps never kiss the cancelled rhythms

So here inside me it's all very quiet
Drifting like the wind in my scorched hair
Shifting like the winter through bald trees

All my life i am tonight
Growing like a cramp in your right hand
Thriving like the winter's divorced land

Frustration leads to knowledgs
Burn your laughter mirthless

So here inside it's all right
Ruthless like the needle in my eye
Cutting deep like friends caught when they lie

Raging gives you knowledgs
Pack the stars up mirthless

The dancefloor cracks your bones and launches a laugh
The dust creeps in your lungs and stutter coughs
Your hand bursts open, hit by treacherous footsteps

You move slowly - how you bore me, live so slowly
I move slowly - how i bore me, how i bore me
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The Weight Of The Wind Lyrics

Scythe – The Weight Of The Wind Lyrics