Brian left back home
To sing the world his song, they said he'd never go
Going down a rusty road
Jimi Hendrix playing on the radio
He just wants to fly away
And show the world he'll be a star
He's driving all night and day
For the chance to play his worn out guitar

He never knew of the hopes he made
Until four thousand people stood and prayed

Down on Sunset Blvd.
We can leave it all behind
And if we could walk away
Sunset Blvd.

Well he took what he could get
Always dreamed of playing at the Hollywood
Now every Friday night
You'd see him killing time the best way he knows how
Now he's gonna fly and no one's gonna stop him now
See him up so high, no one's gonna bring him down, down

He never knew of the hopes he made
Until forty thousand people stood and praised


You know you wanna stay there
You know you wanna play there
You know you've heard a love song, yes you did
You wanna be a big star
You wanna have it all

Down on... Down on...
And once we could walk away
Sunset Blvd.
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Sunset Blvd. Lyrics

Scott Grimes – Sunset Blvd. Lyrics