Scott Alan – At All (Sung by Cynthia Erivo)

There’ve been many years of sacrifice
So many nights not being home
Somedays felt like a million years had passed
I’d wake another day I’d grow

We’d both have lived inside our words our songs
We’d both have lived the actor’s life
But soon I’ll cross to see the purple hue
That’s up against the Times Square lights

And yes I’ll miss our lives
And yes I’ll miss our days
But that selfishness you feel
When you’re up there on that stage
And so there is nothing I’d change
At all

They often say that in somebody’s eyes
You see the years of history
And in my brown eyes what I hope in there
Is the life that gave life to me

Cause in my mummy there is strength
And everything I hope to be
And I hope I make her proud
What I’m turning out to be
And I hope there is nothing she’d change
At all

I know one day that this applause will end
And I’ll take one final bow
And as that curtain’s starting to descend
I think I hope I made you both proud

Cause mummy you’re my home
And baby you’re my life
And I hope that there was joy
Seeing me up there in lights
And I hope there is nothing you’d change
At all
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At All Lyrics

Scott Alan – At All Lyrics