Everything seems right predicted
And every day the same all things
You're addicted
Wake up and waiting to start the strings, you do
And nobody else

A leak appears before your eyes
And there is the chance that you have been waiting, oh
Please understand, please understand this feel
And savor your life

Feel the starlight
Now in this time
Ear sounds of night
The story come now here

Looking for something exciting
You have to take the charge, you knew
You're invited
Wake up and ready to make your dreams come true
Now really you can

Somebody with whom to have fun
And one of this friends can help you to be lost
Take care yourself and never walking so fast
And always think, be careful when run


Try to be unashamed
Bite your life and go
The time is always too short
Now proclaim

At the same time you've climbed
You'll see the rainbow
Now begins your prize
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Savor Your Life Lyrics

Schaeffer's Train – Savor Your Life Lyrics

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