At every breath, he drains out
Strips off and goes blind
No longer does he unveil the adapted codes
No longer does he protect the private passages

Irradiate the web that steers us towards the end

They swarm and hack
At the irradiant atmosphere
Their brain-wrecking venom
Tears each thought apart
So fast and vicious, they kill
With an immense cruelty
They proceed threateningly
To spread their infernal chaos

No one can reach the source of his venom
Inheritance of a sadistic unconciousness

Condemned to wander in this living labyrinth
Endlessly pursuing his possessed limbs
Each wall is a mirror, each refelection is torture
His interior light doesn't cast any shadow
His mutilated spirits united for a colossal eternity
Too impatient for a virtual resurrection
He finally exhales his pain in a twisted echo
Contaminated by a disease which death cannot end
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Irradiant Lyrics

Scarve – Irradiant Lyrics