F/ Amazon

[Hook 1 - Scarub]

Some of these girls they think they own ya

Using they sassy ways ta put it on ya

Then when you don't call them back soon enough yeah they phone ya

Cursing you out throwing shit fits tryin ta stone ya

Hold on I remember being committed bending on my knees

Asking for your company till death do us part

If you like the way we vibing baby you can be down

But tying me around your pinky lady don't even start

[Hook 2 - Amazon]

Ok sometimes it seems you see my presence in your dreams

But lately you've been acting so uncertain and displeased

Constantly expecting me to honor and obey this

Lifetime of dealing with the women that you play, stop it

I'll make it simple don't ask me for my name

I'll keep my cleavage covered you keep your sorry game

Fame has made you wicked and you'll always be searching for humanity

I hope that while you live you rest in peace.

[Hook 2 - Scarub]

I like those freestyles, I hold on to what I have

Like a mean child, Stingey because that's all I have

In the meanwhile, you hardly know half of my story

But surely your eyes despise and judge me as one of those guys

Being found

[Hook 2 - Amazon]

Acting like a spoiled adolescent

While you disrespect every last lady in your presence

I've got confidence I leave you in the past tense

Cause my passion no longer exists, you wont receive my kiss.

[Hook 3 - Scarub, Amazon]

[Sca] A mark in the dark

[Ama] A waste of a heart

[Sca] A piece of a part

[Ama] A blend in the crowd

[Both] A shadow (*repeat 9X*)

[Verse 1 - Scarub]

It was never yours to begin with

Face it, it happens to the best of us

A reality check, huh, makes a mess of us

Then left looking like the rest of us do now

I mean those who steal scour like a child acting all juvenile in denial

? I wish that itch turns into a burn when you can't scratch what you want

Don't it

Now we can pretend it never happened but it will always be different won't it

Just don't let it happen again and were cool, Don't trip

Scarub's literary were never in the grips of yours to begin with

Youse were born and were in with it

That's only till the end of it

Everyone has their own philosophy on how love ought to be

And some are better then others

While others see others as monstrosities

Your dream is my nightmare

How did you figure you'd be the boss of me

Trying to make me move at the velocity that you choose

Order me to move expeditionary an hour freeze, froze

Now I've never been the one to be like these hoes

But these hoes expecting to brown nose

Not all women just those who suppose that the world revolves around them

And until they wake up I will forever clown them

If you can't compromise I can't corroborate

If you spit lies I won't walk away

Never was one to operate like that

I'm as stubborn as you are bitchey

You can't get through my abuse me up until I'm all gone

Then ditch me and glide to the next

But I see what you mistook me for

See how you figured you could break me into your advantage

And order me to the door until it's outworn then get torn to shreds

Keep your seductive jargon, I can't hear you, how dare you

Chuckling to myself will I wait by through my rearview

Your such a shadow girl

Such a shadow girl (*repeat 4X*)

[Verse 2 - Amazon]

He said he'd like to take me dancing cause my figure was impressive

Said he'd seen me in his fantasies constantly

Won't you write your number on this napkin

I'll pick you up at seven

His girlfriend was in frisco for the weekend (What?)

While he was speaking I kept thinking all prejudges story cause you bore me

Keisha, Pam and Cory told me bout your fame and glory

Girls before me babies mamas skimpy loose pajamas in your dirty hamper

Open condoms scattered on your dresser

Who you trying to fool

I can smell the silencing from what your calling poetry

Your eyes are manly focused on anatomy

Instead of me experiencing several different immature Peter pan

Never growing up you'll be a free man

Hours pass my prince is yet to reach the surface

And what would be the purpose

My tears are not commercial in this cycle of relationships is constantly a battle

I look beyond the shadows for a shadow

[Repeat hook 1]

[repeat hook 2]

[repeat hook 3]
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Shadows Lyrics

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