There was no starlight
Now the rays are blazing in my face
IЖm the spearhead of the team
ThatЖs waiting at my base
For the control of that distant ball
Roaring high on a silver streak
I know the task switching deflectors to on
Like an eagle I descend
My intention is to scan
The whole success depends on my research
Data junction must be complete
IЖm waiting for the right to send my creatures
Into universe
Roaring high on a silver streak
Thundering again
Warp Seven - a human body would have been torn
Warp Seven - a million times gale force ten
Warp Seven!!!
IЖm the bird of prey!
Still it feels like home, still I am a son
But I canЖt return though IЖm the chosen one
If I touched the ground IЖd lose all my might
Better enter space and dive into the sky
Roaring high on Warp Seven!
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Warp 7 Lyrics

Scanner – Warp 7 Lyrics