Hold the spotlight steady
I wouldn't want your makeup to run
Outside the crowd is ready
and you know the show has just begun.
Will I make my heart in your heart?
start a war..
You will never forget my face.
You will never forget us...

All eyes on you tonight,
so brush the tears out of your eyes.
Cause your the bar keeps prize possesion.
Stealing hearts with so much passion.
Take the time to stop and look around
You're not fooling me, cause I'm moving on
and I'm taking your soul with me...

So where's your heart at tonight?
Oh my God, I swear I'll make this right
We take back everything
You'll say that you meant to love

Remember the time I held you close?
We spoke of things that gave me hope.
Now it's time to choke on your words
I won't stay to wait around to watch you bleed.
I won't stay around for long.

Look out now you know that you'll be alone
You're going home with something to remember...
I swear you'll know
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Something To Remember Lyrics

Save It For Sunrise – Something To Remember Lyrics

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