The last bed time story, It should be mine to tell
But yet again I find myself... Powerless!
It's like there's no depth left, I will fill that space
But you keep pushing away my last caress

Every move I make is rejected (accept me, set her free)
Can I make you see yourself? (unjust, mistrust)
Fear to take the essential chance (afraid, I'll fade)
Now the last one standing I hope is the strongest (out of us)

We should stick together in this
But as time goes by I realize
You'd fight it all if up to you
Will this ever be my call?

I should be helping, so please lay down your arms
If only you'd let me, I'd never mean no harm

I don't want this to be my last stand
There are reasons why I am
The ever longing creature
You somehow see me as
I can give so much more and be a resolution
Just hand me a chance to prove myself

So don't decline me one more time
She shouldn't see us struggle
Because this child is just as mine
As she's yours (she's ours)

-Chorus x2-
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My Covenant Lyrics

Sanity Shed – My Covenant Lyrics

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