The question on these lips of mine
When I was just a child
Was that of pain and suffering
And why the Good must die
Why the Good must die

I see things a whole lot clearer now
But just as soon as I do
My mother's eldest sister is kill
A car crash, a car crash
A husband left blue

She was always my uncle's sweetheart
His lifelong companion and friend
Their lives had blended together as one
But this one now leaves half left a man

So half of that union goes on alone
Facing each hour of each day

And here comes the fourteenth of February
There's love in the air as it nears
The whole world will shower it's lovers with gifts
But he'll shower her grave with his tears

Heaven is longing to hold him
To reach out and make his day shine
But how is that possible I question again
Since she was his one valentine
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His Own Valentine Lyrics

Sandra Entermann – His Own Valentine Lyrics

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