What do you see on the news when you watch T.V.
War in the name of God, or a playground killing spree
Politicians promise you the world, and a preacher cries
All he ever wanted was your money, and a bitch on the side
What went wrong? Did society twist him?

What do you see in the center of the public eye
Rock stars on smack, and a serial killer fries
Radicals blame suicide and murder on our form of art
Brainwash the youth, you know they claim we all play a part
What a shame that they can't think for themselves

Past tense to future tense let history unfold
So ends a decade now what will the nineties hold
You know we're verging on the edge of an age
Then another century will turn the page

What do you think they will say when they look back on this
Were the eighties just a time of spoiled innocence
We leave our legacy like dust in the sands of time
Let's hope the seeds we plant can carry the weight of our crimes


We sail an ocean, a sea of doubt
Skeptics make no sense, can't work things out
I'll choose optimism, scream its name
Look to the future, a burning flame


Turn the page.....
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Future Tense Lyrics

Sanctuary – Future Tense Lyrics

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