I heard that he's leaving
''cause he tried to believe you, oh yes
But you told him too many lies
There were too many nights with tears in his eyes

When he says goodbye, I wonder if you'll cry
Like I did when you walked out of my life
Maybe now you'll realize, who was your prize

''cause it coulda' been me
I could have loved you and it coulda' been me
But I couldn't trust you
It was all about you
He's gone and I'm movin' on
It's just another sad song
''cause it 'coulda' been, it coulda' been, coulda' been me

I heard that you're lonely
But you said you don't miss me, No, no, no ooh
You act like everything is fine
I know you wanna come back
But you still have your pride oh


I know that you're hurting inside
But you act like you don't care
It your feelings, you can't hide
Now is it true that he got the best of you
You were up and now your down
Things turn back around (and around, and around)
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Coulda' Been Me Lyrics

Sam Salter – Coulda' Been Me Lyrics

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