All is consumed by vanity
Whims of short lived mortality
Our desperate cries of pity
Are carried on winds for eternity

And lost in forgotten echoes... forever
The more that is known
The greater there is fear
It's worthless to question

It's useless to interfere
What has already been
Will come to pass again
An altering is hopeless

A chasing after the wind
Minutes pass to hours
Hours into years
The years of your life

Reflected in the mirror
The mirror only shows
The time that you can see
But how can time exist

Without eternity
Revelations of mankind fade away
Cries are lost, spray to the wind
In revolutions of the world

And echoes of forever
In an endless circle the sun hides from our sight
But as the circle is endless
It returns after the night

Nothing is new under the sun
As past and future become one
Though the tide retreats, perpetually from the shore
It always returns itself

As it has before
Everything is meaningless
Pure insignificance
The past always leaves us

But never to subside
Recollections of memory
And the future coincide
In thought dwell the mysteries

Eternally they reside
Forever is the circle
Forever are the tides
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Echoes Of Forever Lyrics

Sadus – Echoes Of Forever Lyrics

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