Just sitting alone in my room
Confused as I can be
And I can't think cuz it's hurting me
So many times she'll say she'll be there
You never treated me fair
And I don't know what to do
Cuz I ain't got a clue
I see you ain't gonna change
All you ever did was make me feel so weak
And made me cry
Then just made me cry again

Now I'm like 'Whatever, it don't matter anymore'
You messed up on a good thing, you realize
And I'm just fine, I'm just fine
So you can go ahead and front all that you want
But don't you come back when you see I'm gone
Cuz I'm just fine, I'm just fine
I'm just fine, I'm just fine
I'm just fine
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I'm Just Fine Lyrics

Ryan Best – I'm Just Fine Lyrics

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