So what about you and me?
Will thoughtfulness fade
The looks we cast away?
The beginning of tomorrow is today.
Can we love another way?
Save your favors
'Cause we're both bruised from labors.
Is this art we make
Or is it only crayons?
Clouds transform to a storm once more.
Love will swarm.
If it weren't so cold we'd be too warm.

This does not include me
This does not affect me.
You don't have to lie to me
'Cause this doesn't apply to me.

I talk you up, you put me down.
Hey, girl there's no one around now.
Why can't you treat me nice?
Speechless, so I dance around.
The sweetest words make not a sound.
If you need something to talk about
We can break this silence down.
Is this love or a radio definition of perfect?
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Rustic Overtones – Pop Trash Lyrics