I can't help myself
Whenever you're around me, girl
I want no one else
Baby you just rock my world

I try to fight it but it don't make sense
You seem to break my defense
Your vibe and your confidence
Drives me crazy, takes over me

Whenever you come around
My walls, they come tumbling down
You know that you wear the crown
Drives me crazy, takes over me

What else can you expect a man to do
Make it easier on you, girl
What else can I say when you come my way
Whether night or day, girl

[Chorus: x 2]

You make all my sense peak
Sometimes it is hard to speak
And when you bring out the freak
Drives me crazy, takes over me

Girl, no matter where you are
Even if you're near or far
You know you shine like a star
Drives me crazy, takes over me

[Chorus: x 2]

That's It, Man, It's over!
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Helpless Lyrics

Rupee – Helpless Lyrics

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