The fight of light & darkness put the test on you
The pain of tribulation is what you're going through
Determination is on you, cause fate's in your own hand
The power of seduction is the test you have to stand

Days of war and thunder, that's what the dark lives on
A fast trip on a one-way until all good is gone
They love to see you falling, to save their binding spell
You're on a suicide mission, a final trip to hell

Death is calling, unerring destiny
Black heart's falling, for all eternity

Resurrection, the soul survivors stand
Chain-reaction, but the good at heart will stand the hand of fate

So see the whole connection, between all things they do
They try to daze your senses, cause the evil's never true
They promise you their heaven, they're giving you their hell
A ticket to damnation is what these people sell


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Resurrection Lyrics

Running Wild – Resurrection Lyrics

Songwriters: ROLF KASPAREK
Resurrection lyrics © BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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