My my my teacher came in class, breathin' hard as could be
And then she made a pass at my homeboy D
I said she's movin' fast, she's lookin' at me
Miss Elaine!

She's a crazy lady, she may be insane
She always call me baby, but that's not my name
Hey those kisses that she gave me, I just can't explain
Miss Elaine!

Miss Elaine! Was her name!
Miss Elaine! Was her name!

She walked into the class with an aim for the day
Elaine had a game and I was willing to play
She said if I was down, she'd give me an a
Miss Elaine!

Yo, my class is breakin' fool, she sent them all home
She kept me after school, yeah me all alone
I follow all the rules, but I should have known
Miss Elaine!

Miss Elaine! Was her name!
Miss Elaine! Was her name!


Try to go to school, keep my head on the books
My teacher's kinda cool, give the dirtiest looks
All my friends want a hook-up, but nobody hooks
Miss Elaine!

Yo, I go for what I know, and I get what I get
It's gettin' rather frantic, people say I'm a pet
She's makin' me a winner and I'm glad that I met
Miss Elaine!

Miss Elaine! Was her name!
M_m_m_m_m_Miss Elaine! Miss Elaine!
Ahhhhhhh, make it funky now
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Miss Elaine Lyrics

Run-d.m.c. – Miss Elaine Lyrics

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