7 days build this "perfect" world, so beautifully unfolded... fat baby on your lap.
7 signs before you'd lose your cool, obnoxious, pompous fool?
I'd say you're full of crap.
So you're still selling that Paradise skam?.. While keeping a hell of a poker face.
Well, nothing's really changing at all, so I'll be damned, boy:
Thank you for those 7 priceless days.

Please, don't be a stranger, look inside my life.
Full of it? As you are... with a touch of pride
Cut me wide, wide open, rip me up inside...
What's the matter? Busy? Blinded by the light?

Zooming in - the shores of Paradise... Those billboards're - full of lies -
Unchaining gates of hell.
Tears of joy on salesman's pretty face... He's screwing us with grace -
I hope I'll live to hell
Hell or heaven - the same merry-go-round. Pieces of one puzzle - cut'n'paste.
Tell me, is this really the best way which you've found
While sitting on that holy ground, wearing that shiny, golden crown
For 7 unforgettable days?
7 deadly sins - those remarkable days...
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Seven Days Lyrics

Royal Hunt – Seven Days Lyrics

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