Only dead have seen the end of war knowing that I feel a bit better
When I do remember what's happened before oh well.
Moving on to the heart of a matter

Father always told me 'bout men and mice,
Bein' not afraid to take chances
Well, he said enough 'cause by the time he got iced
I was on my way circumstances led my out into the open
Boy, reality bites.

Doesn't matter what you do another crook gets rich
Doesn't mean a thing what's your calling
Living by your heart and whining "life is such a bitch"?
Anyway you go you're falling to the bottom of the food chain.
Let me show you the way

When the moon comes up and the sun goes down
I can change the whole world. feeling stronger
From the dead of night to the morning light
Getting ready to challenge my faith
When you're feeling weak and your life seems tough,
You can't wait for a break any longer
Who can stone you cold, who can whip you down
If you'll steal a lil' kiss from your faith

Do I live as I live or as I do? don't you forget who told you:
"when life has no value death has it's price"
Just something I saw in my father's eyes.
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Kiss Of Faith Lyrics

Royal Hunt – Kiss Of Faith Lyrics

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