Orbison/deesYou’re the figure of a womanYou’re the mind of a childA pretty whirlwindYou don’t know just what you’re doingWhen you love me with your smileA lovely whirlwindA whirlwind of warm desireWhirlwind, burning fire woman, realizeThat the devil in disguise, is a whirlwindBorn to be running wild and freeWhirlwindBorn to make fools of guys like meYou pick me up like a whirlwindYou put me down like a whirlwindEach time you touch me I’m trouble-boundWhirl,whirl,whirlwind, whirl,whirl,whirlwindWhirl,whirl,whirlwind, whirl,whirl,whirlwindWhirlwind
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Whirlwind Lyrics

Roy Orbison – Whirlwind Lyrics