(orbison/melson)Well you should be an actressYou play your part so wellYour act is so believableThat no one else can tellYou say the lines, but I seeThat you don’t really love meYou keep me around to be your faithful clownTill someone you can love comes alongYou’ll keep on pretendingBecause the show must go onYes, you should be an actressAs lovely as you areThe way you play on emotionYou’d shame the brightest starYou’re acting all the timeNo, you’re not really mineI’m just another scene in your play acting schemeNo, you don’t love me at allBut when you walk awayThat’s when the curtain will fallBut I’ll go all the way to the end of the playI’ll be a part of your masqueradeAlthough I know it may be the saddest showIn the life of a fool on parade
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The Actress Lyrics

Roy Orbison – The Actress Lyrics

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